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Places to see and things to do

Kalvarienberg Church

This church is located at the  edge of the village of Hallstatt.In fact it can be the start point to tour this amazing lake village. It treasures some beautifully carved crucifixion figures from the baroque period. Also known as the Cavalry church, it is built to honour the sufferings of Christ, as a plea for owns salvation and in Hallstatt, as place of prayer for the miners and their families.

Hallstatt Charnel House

The Charnel House or bone house is located in St Michaels Chapel. It is an interesting tourist sites and every year thousands visit this place. The skulls are painted with names or inscriptions to preserve the identity of the deceased.

Cemetery of Hallstatt

Just in front of the parish church is the cemetery of Hallstatt. The graves cannot be occupied by any families. Every grave can be reused after ten years. We saw that angels of various sizes, candles and flowers placed on the graves made them so beautiful to look at.

Salt Mine

One of the oldest salt mines discovered in the world is in Hallstatt. It has rich salt deposits, take a tour to know all about salt mines and mining.  Salt is still discovered in the higher mountains in Hallstatt. Do not forget to buy the salt Souvenirs available in packets or bottles from the shops alongside the lake.

Hallstatt Lake

To enjoy a breathtaking view and for people who are camera savvy , a boat ride is the way to go. The postcard scenery of this fjord like lake is not something to be missed. Thus taking a boat ride is a must, go across to the other side to the Hallstatt railway station and back. This lake screams romance loud and clear, but the kids enjoy it equally, because the village view becomes a postcard picture from the lake.


To get a breathtaking alpine panoramic view from above, take the impressive viewing platform on the Salzberg, also known as the ‘World Heritage Skywalk’. It is 350 meters above the roofs of Hallstatt houses. It offers a stunning view of the mountains and the lake, also the roofs of the century old house make an unforgettable picture in our minds.