Zagreb And Plitvice National Park : Best things to do

Turquoise waters, clear sunny skies, mesmerizing beaches and tons of history is the essence of the country of Croatia. The combination of shades of blue of the sea and the white pebbles on the shore make for a beautiful postcard visual. Not to forget that this is the country where King’s Landing of the famous television series Game Of Thrones was shot. The place we started our tour de Croatia was at the capital of this country, the city of Zagreb. Since we had a total of 11 days to tour the whole of Croatia, we had as little as half a day for Zagreb before we head to the very popular Plitvice National Park

A Day Trip To Jadhavgadh Fort

India is rich in its heritage and history with a diverse culture unique to every state. It boasts of many glorious palaces and forts built by dauntless men, many of whom gave up their lives to protect the people and their integrity. India proudly vaunts grand palaces and forts. Many of these forts are located…

Photo Essay: Szimpla Ruin Bar, Budapest

Everything there is so out of place that it will make you wonder what kind of a wacky brain can think of this concept. It is weird, adventurous, very trendy and something very attractive.

2.5 Days In Budapest: Day 3

Szecheneyi Thermal Baths in Budapest, is the largest and the best baths in Europe. The Neo-baroque palace was specifically built for hosting Baths; Hungary has always been a country of baths. The ruin bars are seedy, abandoned buildings done up with wacky and unique decoration pieces. There is food and liquor available and in evenings there are Christmas lights to add to the total vibe-crazy and funky.

2.5 Days in Budapest: Day 1, Day 2

With less than 3 days to see this entire city which is big on unique things like therapeutic baths and ruin bars along with many other places to see, we knew where we would start our journey and which places will be in our list.

3 Most Beautiful Villages in Austria

On our way to Hallstatt, which is hands down the most exotic village I have seen, we came across two more very beautiful villages named Sankt Gilgen and Fuschl am See.

Mesmerizing Austria, Must See Places

We witness the old world charm of Hallstatt, the ecstatic feel when we travel deep below the ground level for the salt mines, the mesmerizing ferry ride in Konigsee to the historical city of Vienna with its huge palaces, museums and parks. These and many more exotic places to see and experience. Yes, Austria is that engaging and a must visit place for families and individuals alike

The Land Of The Habsburgs Dynasty

Vienna, capital city of Austria, is located on the banks of the Danube-it is a city of natural beauty, big parks, imperial palaces that housed the Habsburg Dynasty, museums, beautiful baroque complexes. The trick is to take a walking tour of this city where you can enjoy at your own pace.

A Weekend In Luxury And Nature

As our anniversary was coinciding with the weekend, we took the opportunity to plan for a day out on the hills. Since my husband is not much of a camping person, I booked a room in the Hotel Hilton, Shillim Estate Retreat and Spa which is a mountain resort with luxuries on a 320 acre…