3 Days In Coorg, India

3 days here in Coorg left us gleaming and euphoric- it may be because its cool and lush plantation of coffee and spices or because of its delectable and vast spread of South Indian cuisine, or for their extremely cordial hospitality

A Day at Camp Water’s Edge, Lonavala, India

It was a beautiful chilly morning in Pune, and we were on our way to camp at this wonderful site, Camp water’s edge located near the hill-station Lonavala. The route was traffic prone until we reached the highway and then the traffic started to reduce. We took a stopover on our way to finish our…

2 Days In Korcula, Croatia, Things To Do

Korcula is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. The island is easily reachable by road, ferry or flight. It is more famous as the home town of Marco Polo, the famous writer and explorer. The whole island is spread at a stretch of 47 Km with a population of around 15000 people. We reached…

2 Days In Mahabaleshwar, India

Mahabaleshwar in India is a very popular tourist spot. It is unlikely for anybody to not like this hill station especially the Mumbaiker(people from Mumbai) and the Punaikar (Pune peeps). People from all over India love visiting this small town for its hills, strawberry farms, and lakes. The breathtaking valley views and lush green forests woo the tourists to visit repeatedly. It is popular for a weekend trip from Mumbai and Pune. Maybe taking a long journey to just visit this place is not that good of an idea, since two days are good enough for touring Mahabaleshwar. But anyone planning to explore Maharashtra should surely visit this refreshing town.

What To Pack For A Trip To Croatia

Table of Contents Clothes Sunscreen Backpack Footwear Swimming gear Food for vegetarians Sojourning to Europe for a vacation is an exciting time for me and my family. The cold mornings and windy breeze in the evenings is the type of weather we enjoy. Well, Croatia can be very cold in winters and when the sun…

9 Interesting Places To see In Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is one such town on the Dalmatian coast which engages you with its history and a few unique things. There are 7 interesting places to see in Zadar which you should include in your travel plans.

Zagreb And Plitvice National Park : Best things to do

Turquoise waters, clear sunny skies, mesmerizing beaches and tons of history is the essence of the country of Croatia. The combination of shades of blue of the sea and the white pebbles on the shore make for a beautiful postcard visual. Not to forget that this is the country where King’s Landing of the famous television series Game Of Thrones was shot. The place we started our tour de Croatia was at the capital of this country, the city of Zagreb. Since we had a total of 11 days to tour the whole of Croatia, we had as little as half a day for Zagreb before we head to the very popular Plitvice National Park

A Day Trip To Jadhavgadh Fort

India is rich in its heritage and history with a diverse culture unique to every state. It boasts of many glorious palaces and forts built by dauntless men, many of whom gave up their lives to protect the people and their integrity. India proudly vaunts grand palaces and forts. Many of these forts are located…