Quick and Easy Strawberry MilkShake With Chia Seeds

It is a combination that never seems to disappoint anyone who is in love with milkshakes especially children of all age groups. Quick and easy strawberry milkshake with chia seeds is a favourite in my home and is had well before our last meal of the day.

17 Interesting and Fun Ideas for Girls Night Out

Planning a girls night out? Here are 17 interesting and fun ideas for girls night out which I have tried and experienced with my gang of friends. Some of them require some amount of planning where as the others are good to go even if short of time.

11 Date Ideas Without Spending Much. Part 2

11 Date ideas without spending much part 2 gives you a peek into dating with a minimalistic approach. There is so much more than just going on a boat or and expensive restaurant.

21 Date Ideas Without Spending Much. Part 1

there is a whole new generation now who have broken the rule of dating only in restaurants with flowers. They are exploring more interesting ways to know each other as well as spending minimal or no money.