About me

Hey there

Welcome to Food blog Ssaltysands. I am glad you are here.

My love for cooking and capturing them in the camera is the reason behind this blog. My passion for preparing beautiful and tasty food while clicking the story behind it keeps me busy and happy.

about my family..

Both my children love cooking especially the Italian cuisine whereas my husband loves making chai and has a good collection of green tea. He collects them form all over the world when we are traveling

Music gives me company always whether I am cooking, cleaning or doing my photo sessions.

Walking is something I rarely miss in my everyday routine. It gives me energy and keeps me relaxed.

I have many passions in life but the crown is taken by food.

I can gorge on any vegetarian food and more than that I love preparing them for my family and friends who in turn waste no time in appreciating it. Preparing healthy Vegetarian food is always my priority but I do love digging on junk food at times, preferably home made.

I have taken food photography seriously in the last one year and when I am not cooking you will find me taking food photos which I enjoy considerably.

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