About me

Hey there

Welcome to my blog where I write about Travel, Food and lifestyle topics. The journey in the blogging world was simply to put out to the world all I had ever wanted to communicate about.

My love for travel goes back to since I was a kid when each vacation was spent someplace away from home. So when I grew up it came naturally to me to travel and document about it.

My love for cooking and capturing them in the camera is the reason I want to blog about it too. My passion for preparing beautiful and tasty food while clicking the story behind it keeps me busy and happy in those days between travel.

I love to travel, cook great food, spend time in nature or beaches with family and friends. I also like to speak about other lifestyle topics like relationships, happiness, meditation and many more lifestyle topics.

Here you will find delicious vegetarian recipes, travel ideas and lifestyle topics that will help you in making your everyday life better.

I have carved a life for myself the way I had envisioned many years back. It required persistence and focus on goal, hard work , and on top of all a VISION.

Vision is the most important thing to achieve the life I have always wanted, The way I wanted. I never let it go and after 25 years of marriage, I can say I have what I had envisioned.

I started my blog only later in life, I plan to document about things which I have tried and tested, with honesty.

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