Popular Indian Street Food, Pav Bhaji

India is a land of different languages and cultures. Not only different states in India have their own specialty in authentic food, their street foods differ too. Growing up in Maharashtra in India, I have grown up eating a variety of street foods in the khau gulley’s (food alley’s) of Mumbai. Out of them is my favorite, the most popular Indian street food, Pav Bhaji.

This is one food item that is available in all the states of India especially at all the tourist spots of India. The restaurants serve them under the snacks menu as pav bhaji can be had any time of the day say as brunch, lunch, evening snacks or dinner.

This vegan and vegetarian recipe is super tasty, loved by kids and elderly alike, and also a healthy version can be made by using assorted veggies.

Pav means leavened bread and bhaji is mixed veggies.

Popular Indian street food Pav Bhaji
Indian street food Pav Bhaji

I sometimes serve the bhaji with unleavened flat bread, roti or plain paratha made from whole wheat. It tastes equally good and is more healthy because of home made whole wheat parathas.

Though Pav bhaji is available all over India, the preparation is different for each state and also each household. Everybody has their own set of veggies that goes in the bhaji preparation depending on their tastes and likes. There is no right or wrong way to prepare it according to me, except that each preparation has tomatoes and potatoes along with green peas in it. Rest of the veggies are added depending on each ones taste.

Here is delicious way to prepare the bhaji with veggies that are easily available in any vegetable market and does not require you to go to special grocery stores.

Serves : 3 ppl
Time : 45 minutes
Cuisine : Indian

1 1/2 C Fresh Green Peas (shelled)

1/2 C Cauliflower florets

1 no Green Capsicum chopped

3 potatoes (medium)

4 Strings French Beans

10 tomatoes

2 medium onions

1″ ginger crushed

6 cloves garlic crushed

3 tbsps oil

1 tbsps red chilie powder

3 tbsps Pav Bhaji masala (I have used Everest pav bhaji masala )

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Popular Indian Street Foof Pav Bhaji
Pav Bhaji

Boil the potatoes along with shelled peas, chopped beans and chopped green capsicum.

Chop onions finely and keep aside

Crush the ginger and garlic

Chop the tomatoes in small pieces. Some like to grind them for time saving. I find it tastes better when tomatoes are chopped.

Add oil to a pan. Fry half the onions and stir fry them till golden brown. Then add crushed ginger and garlic.

Now put the red chili powder and the chopped tomatoes. Stir fry till the tomatoes become mushy and soft.

Meanwhile mash the potatoes and the remaining veggies. Add all of them in the softened tomato mixture. Add the remaining spices including the pav bhaji masala.

Stir fry and mix all the mixture in the pan well . Add salt and keep on heat for another 10 minutes until the the veggies are well mixed. Add a little water if the bhaji is too solid as it is supposed be a curry.

Slice the pav (bread), apply butter or vegan butter on the inside and outside of the pav. Roast it on a heated pan till the pav become a little crisp ont he outside.

Garnish the bhaji with the remaining chopped onions and serve with hot roasted pav.

Accompaniments That you can serve with Popular Indian Street Food, Pav Bhaji is mango pickle, sliced onions and tomatoes and papad.

Although I avoid pickle and papad as it gets too heavy for me.

popular Indian street food Pav bhaji
Pav Bhaji


You can add more red chilie powder and pav bhaji masala depending on how spicy you like your food.

Add a tsp of salted butter over the bhaji while serving. It tastes super delicious but adds a whole lot of extra calories and then the bhaji is not vegan.

You can also add scraped cheese to the bhaji curry to enhance the taste if you are a cheese fan. Nowadays cheese pav bhaji is a fad amongst the younger generation.

If you have no time to lunch have this as a brunch and you will remain full for the entire day and thus skip lunch.

Indian street food Pav Bhaji

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