21 Easy Life Transforming Self Care Ideas To Follow

21 Easy Life Transforming Self Care Ideas To Follow

21 easy life transforming self care ideas gives you a list of activities that will make your life more healthy and happy by inducting in your routine life these transforming lifestyle changes.

1 Journaling

Journaling has been one of the topmost of 25 easy life transforming selfcare ideas that are easy to follow recently and if you ask anyone who has been doing this as a regular practice will be all praises for this wonderful activity. It is amazing to see words come out in a smooth flow especially when you want a solution to a problem or if you are in need of venting out.

I have tried this tool to reduce anxiety, sadness and it has worked wonders. At the end of it all I am always in a very happy state of mind as I most probably have a ray of hope to a problem or even an alternate way of doing things. So, when you journal, you delve into your subconscious which speaks in the form of written words.  

crop woman writing down notes in diary
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2  Sun bathing

This comes under the self-care ideas as we all know how important it is to be in the Sunlight for our physical and mental wellbeing. It helps in getting our dose of vitamin D3, helps in maintaining our sleep patterns and hence our overall health.

Just 20 mins of morning sunlight will put you in the track of good health. In fact, doing Sun salutations in morning sunlight is super beneficial for people of all age group. So go out in a park, or your terrace with or without your yoga mat and enjoy the morning Sun.

Morning Sun

3 Exercise

Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, sports, any form of exercise is a must to feel good and it is the most important step towards self-care. It helps in releasing the happy hormones and happiness is what wins half the battle when it comes to taking care of yourself.

Take some time off from your busy routine everyday and engage in some form of exercise. Start with smaller goals, try half an hour of slow walking and then increase the speed every new day. In these pandemic times take up indoor exercise like Pilates and Yoga. They are amazingly beneficial for your well being. Always think long term!  Do not involve into something which you will not be motivated to do after some time.

Self Introspection is the key to stick to you goals for a longer term. For ex. I am a person who likes to do things in my pace. That means I will slow walk or jog depending on my day. Also timing of exercise may vary everyday. So I prefer to stick to my walking routine instead of joining a class with fixed timings. Believe me it has been 25 years since I have been diligently walking, that too alone with just my music on.

So, choose to take up that you will stick to for a longer term.

woman girl silhouette jogger
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4 Vitamin sea

Oceans and sea have a unique air of meditativeness to them. They can hold your attention for a long period of time and the body will start to calm down, the anxiety levels drop just listening to the sound of the waves.  All those who live a hurried urban life will benefit a lot by visiting a silent seaside.

Pack your swim wear, sunglasses, sun hat and flip flops and head to a beach for a rejuvenating experience. A dose of vitamin sea will lift up your spirits and happiness levels making you more confident for the upcoming challenges at work and life.

vitamin sea

 5 Hiking

Put on your hiking shoes and head to nearby hill or a mountain or whatever is easily reachable. The reason for it to be easily accessible is so that you can make it a weekly or a monthly practice. It is a test that you put your body in and when you are capable of achieving the height, your body sends a happiness signal to your mind and ultimately your body and mind are both in a positive state of mind.

Also including it in your travel itinerary will have a positive effect on you and increase the happiness quotient. We have done this a few times in our travel plans and it was fun for the whole family. The view from the top is the added bonus for us.  

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6 Meditation

This is a journey within that is beneficial for the whole body and mind. A regular practice has effects over your mind, body and soul that will change your life forever. The most important benefit is calming of nerves and rejuvenation of cells. I am no doctor to claim these but I have personally enjoyed the benefits of meditation and after months of practice had noticed improvement in my reaction to an unsettling situation which otherwise would have played havoc with my mental peace.

The capability to remain peaceful even when people are trying hard to disturb your aura of happiness is something magical.

7 Yoga

 Yoga as a form of exercise is taken to popularity all over the world in the last few decades. It is been practiced in India for hundreds of years and it goes a long way for taking care of a person’s wellbeing not only physically but also mentally.  

Practice of Yoga as a form of exercise is a great way in these pandemic times to strengthen your body and mind. The different poses of yoga work on different organs of our body. That is the beauty of this traditional form of exercise.

I have seen my elders do yoga effortlessly and live an independent long life. It is

Thus, it is one of the topmost self-care ideas that will change your life forever. It is great for people who have weight loss goals too if accompanied with an hour of brisk walking.

8 Traveling

So, Travelling is something I look forward to all the time. I think it is an excellent way to recharge your batteries. Disconnecting your everyday world and going on a trip is actually connecting to yourself. Getting sometime with yourself is like connecting to your subconscious and introspecting.

Traveling to the nearest destination maybe just an hour from your living place can also do wonders to your health. It is not always the distance but the destination that makes a difference. Go, spend some time camping or on a beach or a mountain. Anything that will make you be with yourself, doing things that you like.

I love to include beaches or lakes in my travel trips as I feel a sudden rush of happiness when I see the ocean or the lake. Introspect when just sitting and being as which place will switch that bliss button for you.

Take that trip immediately. You will not regret it.

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9 Socializing

This is only for those who live a cocooned life and think it is okay to be on your own. It is good to indulge in small get togethers and Chai pe charcha(talk over tea). Interacting with friends and family, sharing your ups and downs, asking for advice is all working towards your self-care goals.

There are times when the solution to your grievances might be very simple and easy and your friend will come up with it, something that you have been struggling with.

So, make it a point to socialize with your girlfriends you like to be with and in spite of busy schedules, take time out for them. It will lighten your mood and raise your spirits.

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10 Spa

Spa is everybody’s good friend when it come to lifting your moods. It is okay to indulge in it from time to time. Taking care of your body requires some devotion and time and it is okay to book a spa or if it is tough to get your time slot, it is a great idea to do a home spa.

Put on that hair mask, apply a scrub, put on scented candles and dip your feet in warm water tub with rose petals and all. I am saying, it can be easily done at home too if you do not that feel like taking the effort to go anywhere or if it is frugal living you aiming at.

This self care activity will make you feel GOOD.

11 Swimming

A special mention to this activity is due to its immense help in physical and mental mood upliftment. swimming for just half an hour a day will clear your mind and help in functioning in good capacity.

It is not only a great form of exercise to keep you fit and active but also great to spend alone time with yourself and thus meditative.

12 Hobbies

Indulging in something not so routine will enhance your creativity, help you see through a problem for a completely different perspective, will massage you brain muscles and surely refresh you.

Making time for any kind of hobby will disconnect you from the routine and hence charge you up for the everyday chores which will not be so mundane then. Anything from knitting to scrapbooking, painting, sketching, to embroidery, will get your creative juices flowing and definitely give you a fulfilling feeling.

Every time I complete my scrapbook page from a holiday or an event, the sense of accomplishment seeing the beauty of the page is unfathomable. Take up anything that nourishes your creative soul and keep practicing everyday week for an hour or two or more if you want.

scrapbook on white textile
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13 Games

Outdoor, indoor, boardgames, paper games, action games, writing games, all are good for your wellbeing. Luckily, we live in a world where thousands of new games are launched so there is no dearth even in pandemic times.

Board games top the list when it comes to pandemic times games to play, can be easily played with family, so many online stores to try new ones and most of them require all your mental skills and hence a good exercise for the brain.

Scrabble, Life, Cluedo, Risk, Catan, Monopoly, Chess, puzzles are some of the most popular ones out here where I live. Card games and solving Sudoku is something that we have been playing all our lives.

14 Cooking

Culinary skills are not for everyone, but believe me creating something from scratch and devouring it is a life changer. It is the satisfaction of the finished product that will make you want to cook again and again. Personally, for me, it is super meditative and Involving to cook food and it is something I do every day. Try new recipe with the help of a cook book, utube channel or that ancestral recipe book passed down from generations.

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15 Music

Soulful music is healing and that is why it is in the list of 25 life transforming ideas of self-care to follow. Try listening to soothing instrumentals when feeling overwhelmed or sad due to any reason, the mood changes immediately. There is huge transformation in the pulse rate when listening to meditative music.

I am no doctor but I have experienced it so many times personally and so I endorse the fact that music can change your life.  Listen to it when traveling long hours for work, before bed time or while taking a walk or jogging.

I play slow music without words while completing my writing work. It is so easier to complete your work faster with music on as it also cuts the chaotic sounds all around you in an urban atmosphere.

photography of woman listening to music
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16 Learning

Learning is lifelong process. Knowledge is something that can’t be had enough in a lifetime. It is something that is continuous, and challenging and which goes on and on. Take for example blogging, I have not met a person who knows everything about this art and can say I am a master and there is nothing left to learn

Also learning keeps you mentally agile and vibrant, that is great for mental health. And hence it is important to keep learning a new skill, language, a game or even a craft.

I took a photography course last year and this year I plan to learn digital marketing. The whole pandemic year turned out less upsetting with something to do at home continuously that kept me busy beside my work.  

17 Completing a task

This is opposite of procrastination. Leaving unfinished work for a long time gives a nagging feeling inside of non-accomplishment of goals. It may be as simple as cleaning of that cupboard that has been postponed multiple times. Eat the frog first thing and then do the rest of your work.

It simply means complete the most difficult and boring tasks first thing in the week or the day or the month. Do not keep on pushing it until it becomes a baggage of your mind and keeps troubling you.

When the dreadful important thing is done it feels GREAT. So, completing a task deserves a mention in the list of 25 life transforming self-care ideas to follow.

18 Read Books

Read for fun, read for knowledge, read for achieving, but read.  This is one habit that should be inculcated in everyone to have that spice and richness in life. Sometimes, it is easy to escape into and enjoy a fantasy world through books. So why not?  Escape into the magical world and have fun leaving the real world behind.

It is amazing for the wellbeing of a person to read and gather knowledge, learn, introspect.

light inside library
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19  Affirmations

Daily affirmations are a way of inviting goodness and all that you want in your life. Affirmations work as Law of Attractions for attracting all that you desire in your life. Making it a daily practice will align and channel your aspirations towards you. The universe works in that fashion. It gives what you wish for.

So write down your affirmations in a journal each day and the let it be. It is one of the healthiest practice to continue or to start if you haven’t yet. It requires some commitment and daily practice to get into the frequency with the universe before you see any results.

Start now! Take up that empty book lying in your house or buy a new one if you prefer that and start off.

20 Vision Board

This is very much like affirmations except that it is in picture form. Collect pictures of your goals from magazines or newspapers, or print from online pictures and make a collage on chart paper. If you are not the crafty types then make a collage on an online software and put it as desktop poster so you see it every day.

Making a vision board is very good for keeping in track of your goals and long before you realize you will have to make another vision board as you have achieved everything from the previous ones.

I had everything on my vision board right from my house to my hiking trips and my helicopter ride. Now after achieving many things from the previous vision board, I have come up with another one. And boy!! It feels so good, even though it was crazy hard work trying to achieve your goals.

21 Gratitude

Be grateful for all the good things in your life. Writing down all things you are grateful for will make a whole lot of difference in your attitude especially when you are down and it is difficult to uplift your mood. Take this Journal and read through it to realize that are so many good things in your life that you should be grateful for.

Being grateful for things that you posses will make you humble and happy even with smaller things in life. You will realize that it is the simple things that make you the most happy.

 I make it a point to do this exercise at least twice a week if not every day. It can be included in your journaling practice if you feel that it is difficult to maintain a journal for gratitude and other things separately.

So, here are 21 lifetransforming selfcare ideas to choose from that will help you regain your inner health. Attempt whichever few ideas that relates to you and your personality to continue for a longer time.

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