17 Interesting and Fun Ideas for Girls Night Out

Girls night out

Planning a girls night out? Here are 17 interesting and fun ideas for girls night out which I have tried and experienced with my gang of friends. Some of them require some amount of planning where as the others are good to go even if short of time.

  1. Card games
  2. Karaoke
  3. Fashion show
  4. Watch a scary movie together
  5. Board games
  6. Glamping
  7. Talent show night
  8. Retro Night
  9. Escape room
  10. Book club
  11. Scavenger hunt
  12. Barbeque Dancing
  13. Dancing
  14. Scavenger Hunt
  15. Psychic Night
  16. Talking about your firsts – first kiss, first crush, first travel
  17. A Night Away From Home

1.Card Games

So, if you have had a very busy week at work and yet dying to meet your girlfriend, this will a great way to spend time together at home. I plan a card game with friends when there is no fuel left for pub hopping or dynamic fun night.

2. Karaoke

Who doesn’t love music and dance? It releases your tension and puts you in a positive mood in minutes. Put on your favourite music and there you go. Singing is equally beneficial for stress and overall health.

It is an excellent activity to be done in a group, that is when you can sing to your contentment without being judged as it is your own small group of friends. The place required is not much as all you have to do is own a mike and an audio system i.e an audio output.

For songs you have innumerable variety on google. Put your favourite song on karaoke with lyrics and there you go. You get so involved in this activity that you will not realise the time passing by.

Karaoke night

3. Fashion show

Girls and fashion, well, they go hand in hand for a certain crowd. So, a night full of fashion stories and exchanging ideas will be so much fun. Also, if the host plans a bit in advance, she can arrange for a place so that the girls can dress and walk like divas. It does give a high to girls to be able to behave and act like models. Since we are planning a fun night for girls or ladies, this will be an interesting concept for a night out.

The host can arrange for some props like hats, tiaras, long furry scarfs of different vibrant colours, and some long flowy pieces of cloth to throw and stylise to walk on the red carpet of your home. This is a fun activity.

4. Watching scary movies.

Our group of friends once did this all night long. There were a few girls who were actually not scary movie watchers. So, we binge watched all the parts of the ‘Scary movie’, the comedy version of all the scary movies.

For all those who are scared by the name of The ring, Grudge or… they will have a great time laughing away watching these funny movies. It can definitely be a thriller movie night, comedy movie or a fantasy movie night. But try this out. it is so much more fun.

5. Board Games.

No no, don’t think that board games are for children. There is a huge population out there who play it for hours and not get tired of them. If you are not much of a movie buff or a fashion follower, this will definitely engross you and next day will make you feel happy.

There is a big variety to choose from but the evergreen ones are Monopoly, scrabble, cluedo, cataran, ludo, chess …. Well I have a good stock of board games due to my kids but if you don’t have any you can borrow it from friends, community or relatives. I am sure you will get a good variety for the night.

Monopoly is all time favourite

6. Glamping

Glamping is an amazing way to spend some time with your friends. The camping vibe does a lot to your mood and spirit relating to fun, enthusiasm and adventure. Arrange for a  barbeque, play dumb charades, listen to slow, calming music, and star gaze.

If you are camped around a hill for the night, Go for a trek to the nearby hill in the morning. So for all those who are not want to go through all the efforts of setting up a tent and cooking on your own this is a great option.

7. Talent show Night

I believe everybody has a talent or two….or four in them. Which will be a better place to show them off then in front of your cool, rocking girlfriends. Dawn your special talent jacket and off you go flaunting it.

Fashion tips, cooking skills, makeup tips, tarot, language skills, all will be a cool idea when girls gather together.

8. Retro Theme

This is an extremely popular theme in the part of the world that I reside in. It is great for wedding parties, anniversary parties, but I also feel it can be a great girls night out idea. If you do not want the whole attire makeover than just add a few accessories to get into the move and groove of the retro theme.

You can also potluck popular retro food to get a bit nostalgic. By retro food I mean , the food that you mom made for you or what was then a rage in your area or even a street food that you ate with your friends when you were younger.

9. Escape Room.

Escape rooms are coming up everywhere and what better way to work as a team and co ordinate with each other then solving the clues provided, together.

Each group is shown a room where all the clues for solving a case are given and only an hour of time. You come out as soon as you solve it. If you can’t, It is so Okay, because any which ways it is so much fun.

10. Book Club

Any one like me would love to go for such an evening and would read and discuss about a book, a chapter or even an author. Go on, take a few books if it pleases you and talk about it.

I love discussing chapters from self help books and listening to any arguments from friends who do not agree to my point of view. I feel debates are healthy if conducted sportingly. It is a great learning experience as well as great way to put your point of view in a small gathering who are all supportive. In fact, it is great for anyone who is struggling in public speaking.

Books are great friends too

11. Scavenger Hunt.

Make it simple and make it easy, so It is enjoyment sans a lot of work. Scavenger hunts are fun for kids and adults alike and there is no such right age to play it.

Make a theme based game for everyone to enjoy more. For example wild life, Christmas decor, festivals or just fashion accessories.

12. Barbecue Night

For all the foodies out there and those who love outdoor parties, this is a great idea. Put some music on and start with the barbecue which is a rage in summers and winters, both.

Arrange for an electric grill which is an eco conscious option if you don’t want to go through the whole affair of lighting the coal et al and also creating smoke.

Barbecue party

13. Dancing

Who doesn’t love dancing. Well there might be a few but mostly girls love to dance away in a club, in weddings or at a house party. YIt can never be boring or out of date.

Listening to your favourite music and dancing is one thing I enjoy a lot. Try to set a theme if you want to do something different. Like we organise a retro theme or a disco theme or even a classical one.

It is a lot fun to prepare for the party too where you can print and make banners or any other other decorations to go with the them. Order food online and voila. It is great fun to do a house party and also very reasonable than paying the expensive entry fees to a a club.

Dancing away

14. Treasure Hunt

Yes, adults play this too. You need to be very sporty and ready to move around for this extremely fun adventurous game. It will also require a plan in relation to developing clues and riddles.

Again it is fun planning and executing this very interesting hunting game. You can hide the clues in your home, your community area or even the town. You can select a theme or give clues about each other’s secrets if you are close enough.

15. Psychic Nights

No no, I don’t mean to scare you. It is nothing like going and calling ghosts or playing planchette. It is as simple as calling a tarot card reader, a palmist, an astrologer or an angel card readers.

A fortune teller only guides you and shows you the way, it is by no means to be taken too seriously. But a great way to spend time with friends and using the time to know what is in store.

This will require you to call a person who is pro and knows her subject well. It is okay to be a nonbeliever , do it for fun anyways.


16. Talking about your firsts.

Girls love to chat, period. A great way to spend girly time together is talking your heart out. Whether it is your first heartbreak, crush, love, kiss or anything you can think about. Believe me it is so much of emotions whether it is sadness, happiness, embarassment or pure comedy.

Get your list ready, put it out there and let all speak about one first turn wise or just let them all pick up according to their comfort level.

17. A Night away from home

Book a cottage, a villa, a lake house any where in a forest or a mountain but away from home and it will make a huge difference. Pack your bags and go for an overnight trip. It will be time well spent. A night of singing, stargazing, or barbecue, playing charades or board games, dancing away the night, it is amazing fun.

We recently booked a villa in a lake resort on full board basis and did everything right from playing in the lake, watching the sun set in silence, chatting about spirituality, karma, different ways to tie a bandana and even dance on classical music.

A night away from home

Here you go, 17 interesting and fun ideas for a girls night out. Pick up anyone and start with your preparation. Save the others for next time. Have a wonderful time with your friends and do not postpone it as time is short my friends..

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