9 Must Watch Thriller Movies That Will Make You Ponder Over The Twisted End

1. Seven

This was the first movie that came to my mind when I started writing this blog. The impressive performances of Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman is something that holds you to the seat. It is my first choice that goes into the 9 must watch thriller movies that will make you ponder over the twisted end.

It is a psychological thriller where two detectives, a retiring police detective William Somerset (Morgan Freeman) and David mills (Brad Pitt) are appointed to chase a serial killer who chooses each of his victims who represent one of the seven deadly sins.

Each killing Is brutal and the killer manages to elude the detectives until he himself wants to come out and show himself. The seventh sin that he chooses is Envy and what a kill!!

The kill will leave you dumbfounded as well as numb with shock.

This is a must watch movie for thriller junkies who like shocking climaxes even if they are ruthless and keeps you thinking long after the movie is over.


2. Sixth sense

Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment play the lead roles in this paranormal movie The Sixth Sense which has its moments of emotions and sensitivity.

A young boy, Cole Sear played by Haley Joel, is capable of seeing ghosts and finds it hard to hide from them as they seem to discover him everywhere he goes.

Dr Malcolm Crowe, child psychologist played by Bruce Willis tries to help this scared kid and asks him to bury his fear and talk to the ghosts that he sees each day. Slowly Cole starts to inhume his fear and commences speaking to them and knowing their incomplete wishes.

There are moments when you are filled with emotions, especially when he talks to his mother about her dead mother. The climax of the movie is the part where I enjoyed the most all due to the final twist.

At the same time, I felt it was a brilliant end to the tale between both the lead characters.

A fantastic role played by the young boy, Cole, and Dr Malcom, this 1999 thriller with a twisted end should be in your list.

3.Shutter Island

Leonardo DiCaprio is at its best in this mysterious drama that sends you to a thinking mode long after it is over. I agree, I had to watch this movie twice just to understand small bits of scenes, that is relevant to understanding the whole movie.

DiCaprio plays the lead role as Teddy Daniels, a U. S. Marshall who along with his case partner, Chuck, tries to find out the whereabouts of an escaped convicted patient from a mental hospital on an Island.

Throughout the movie we are given glimpses of Teddy’s past but it is a only in the end that we realise the weaving of the scenes into one big revelation.

The end is shocking as we realise that Teddy is actually living the life of another as he wants to escape his real self (Andrew Laeddis) so as he does not confront the pain and agony caused by his real self.

And yes there was a wait in front of the screen long after the movie gave its climax, just to fathom as to what is the meaning of it all.

Watch this movie which keeps you at the edge of the seat as the story progresses only to get a big jolt with its fantastic climax.

4. The Girl On The Train

It is somewhat like every other person who follows a routine, might be doing the same unknowingly at some point of time.

The story is of a normal city girl following a fixed travel routine and while doing so, observing others to the point of ‘getting in their every routine’.

She is fighting with alcoholism after her breakup with her husband. She gets involved in the murder mystery of the person she sees everyday from the train.

She goes to the length of getting to bottom of it, but faces a lot of accusation and verbal battering from everyone due to her alcohol habit.

The Girl on The train gets flash backs of incidents which has happened with her but remembers only tidbits in the memory due to her alcoholic state of mind.

The climax is very apt and satisfying to the viewers though very unexpected. This movie also deals with bullying to some extent and how a woman does not take it hands down.

The Girl On The Train

5. Gone Girl

It is a psychological thriller which promises to make you think twice about getting involved with a cool, beautiful, lovable female who has so much more to her than what is visible.

Nick Dunn (Ben Affleck) is accused by the media that he has a hand in the disappearance of his gorgeous wife Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) while he has no idea why she would disappear in thin air without a valid reason.

He only comes to know about her survival when she leaves him with clues and asks him to solve them so he can reach a box.

As the story unfolds, he is pulled in a whirlpool of lies created by His wife which make him the culprit and he sees no way out.

The ending is so unexpected and definitely we sit and ponder as to whether it is okay to accept the darkness of people just because we are not able to get away from its claws.

6. The Game

This movie was like a roller coaster ride with so much of adrenaline. The lead character Nicholas Van Orion (Michael Douglas)is gifted with a game, organised by a game company, by his estranged brother Conrad(Sean Penn).

The rich banker whose birthday becomes a string of events that turn his life into complete chaos thanks to the birthday gift. A series of events sabotages his life and he is literally running throughout the movie just trying to find answers.

His wealth is lost, his life is in danger, he finds it difficult to differentiate between friends and enemies. He is completely in distress on the verge of a breakdown at the end.

What is interesting is it all happens in a day. A rich banker with a home, bank balance, a wife, loses everything and is reduced to a nothing all thanks to the game.

Our minds start racing trying to know as to who would be taking a revenge on him. That is when he confronts with the complete truth.

The twist at the end leaves you pondering for a long time and the best part is you want to see the movie all over again just to weave a common thread leading to the climax.

7. The Others

Nicole Kidman leads in this supernatural thriller, with her remarkable acting. The movie is about this lady who lives in a huge house with her two kids, waiting for her husband to return from war.

She hires an old lady, a man and a very young girl to take care of the kids and the huge household. It gets eerie when she hears sound from the house which does not belong to any of them.

The frightened kids and their mother try to find out as to what is going on in their house when suddenly a secret is revealed.

It is an emotional end with lots of depth along with suspense and thrill. The story plot is very interesting with its numerous doors and windows, Kidman’s controlled behaviour, weird sounds, unknown graves near the house and the household help that come without invitation.

A great movie for those weekend thrills with popcorn in the coziness of your home.

The Others

8. The Invisible Guest

A thrilling beginning sees a young man who wakes up to find his dead lover next to him. He panics and tries to escape but in vain.

He is taken by the police for his own girlfriends murder.

Now, he hires a prominent lawyer to prove that he is not guilty of the murder. What follows is a flashback of series of events that has led to this very day.

The plot is plausible, the actors do justice to their characters and the twists are enough for you to like the whole movie.

The inner demons of the characters are revealed as the movie proceeds and what we see how a human mind will work in achieving what it wants whether it is righteous or not.

9. The Village

M. Night Shyamalan’s, 2004 released movie, The Village has all the components of a thriller. The theme, soundtrack, characters, cinematography and direction, all work towards making this movie go to the ‘must watch list’.

What I feel is even when the plot is not plausible, the whole tempo of the movie is eerie and dark. This makes us, thrill freaks, want more and more of it.

The Village is isolated and cut off from the rest of the world. They also are self reliant for food and water. Nobody from the community is supposed to wander as there is a monster lurking in the forest surrounding the village.

It is only when a young man gets seriously hurt, a blind girl takes up the journey to get him help from outside the village. This journey is dangerous and can take her life, but nonetheless, she is firm on getting help to save his life.

Here is small list of thriller movies that will excite you and also make you wonder about the climax. There are times when you start brain storming about the endings to be something different like for example for The Village.

And yet they do seem to fulfil the purpose of thrilling you throughout the movie. Save this list for watching on weekend, holidays, long weekends or for dates too.

The Village

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