11 Date Ideas Without Spending Much. Part 2

In Continuation to the 21 date ideas without spending much, Part 1, I write about this topic to give a vast view of all the things you can do on date nights or days. Thus 11 Date ideas without spending much part 2 gives you a peek into dating with a minimalistic approach. There is so much more than just going on a boat or and expensive restaurant.

1. Play Outdoor Games

Go Swimming, play cricket, lawn tennis or table tennis, anything that both of you enjoy. So, consider a sports date that will be something unique than the normal ones and will also enhance your bond and connection.

Yes, sports does that. It develops your understanding for each other’s likes and dislikes.

It does not have to be competitive, In fact go slow and enjoy the game.

We love playing Badminton together on our date weekends, then we prepare a simple meal and have dinner together.

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2. Learn a new hobby together

This interesting way of spending time on your date is becoming a popular idea. With the pandemic era, we have all learned a way of learning new things from the comfort of our homes.

Make it a date and take a workshop on whatever activity you both enjoy, whether it is a language or music, sketching or photography.

3. Go for a tree plantation drive.

The new age dating ideas have become more creative, eco sensitive, minimalistic, and also ‘sustainable’. Well, make this planet more beautiful and pollution free has been on everybody’s mind now for a long time.

Ways and means to make this world a better place is a responsibility everyone need to take and nothing better than doing this with your partner.

So make that date today and go for a tree plantation drive.

4. Make a vision board

Put up your dreams, aspirations or goals in a vision board – online or offline. Make a list of all that you would like to achieve or do in the next few years – places you want to visit, career goals, social activities, hobbies,

Collect old magazines, newspapers, old brochures or anything that can be cut and pasted on a chart paper. No, craft work is not only for kids, in fact it is also a destressing activity. Try this and as a date idea and you will feel refreshed in the end of it. Seeing your goals and dreams on paper is also a great way to achieve them too.

You can definitely do it on your computer too. But physical touch of your vision board on paper is al together a different feeling. So you can copy paste pictures in word document, print them and the then make a collage.

5. Do yoga

Enroll for a class, or if you do not want to commit, start with just a Surya Namaskar. There are a no of online courses available to make you start this beautiful form of exercise. Pay attention to all the care you need to take while doing yoga on your own.

Nowadays couple yoga is popular and there are a number of good teachers online. You can also take a free course available online.

I have added this activity as an idea in 11 Date Ideas Without Spending Much so as explore innovative ways to strengthen our bonds and relationship

couple practicing yoga
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6. Plan for your next vacation

All you need is a laptop and a cup of tea and coffee. Surf the net to find that beautiful place you always wanted to be. If it is not in your budget, no worries, go to the second place in the list you already made.

Check out the hotels, hostels, homestays, air bnb’s and go for the one that suits your style of traveling. Check the cheapest flights, discounts on air fare, hotels, food. find out everything. It takes quite some time to plan a vacation and do the bookings.

Homestays are a great way to help the local people. It is also a great way to know more about the area you are visiting as the locals will share with you all that they know. Go to sites that review the place and stay options and then take your call.

There!! Fun, isn’t it?

7. Enjoy Street food

I love to go out on street food dates. High on deliciousness and low on budget, this will make anyone happy. Of course you will require to have the stomach to ingest street food.

If you are anything like me then try out new street food on every other date and also spend time on discussing about the Yes or No’s of each dish.

If you enjoy street food check this out

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8. Visit an old age home.

The number of old age homes have increased a lot in the last few homes. If both of you have the compassionate side to do something to better the world then nothing like visiting and old age home and giving your time to them. It might be just sitting and talking to them.

Whatever moments you spend in these homes are cherished by the elderly. All you get is their blessings and that is what will make you happy.

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9. Make a trip to a book store

In todays world of technology the activity which was a routine on weekends can be converted to a date idea. It will require an interest in books and magazines from both of you.

The whole process of planning the visit, traveling to the book store, searching the various sections will let both of you know the likes and dislikes of each other.

Discussing on various authors or the genre or a particular book can be kept for another date.

10. Visit a garden

Leave the city hustle and head to a garden in your area. If you don’t have one nearby then head to a local nursery where they have a good collection of plants, and beautiful pottery to go with it.

Being in a high oxygen area with greens all around you will make you feel very positive and happy. Sometimes elders need the pampering just like the kids and you will discover that nature plays a great role in calming us and releasing our happy hormones.

11. Watch a movie together

This is an all time favorite. Netflix has a great variety of movies and television series. Arrange for food and drinks delivery at home and get on with the movie.

Invite more couples to watch if you enjoy having a group while movie watching. We used to do binge watching sessions with the Game of thrones series. And the twists and turns of the series was something we could not get enough of.

Choose something that has good reviews online and the genre that will interest you both

So, have a great time dating, choosing rightly from the unique lists in 21 date ideas without spending much and this blog. They are all with little or no costs which will also help you take a step forward towards minimalism.

Pick up an idea from 11 Date Ideas Without Spending Much and have a good time.

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