21 Date Ideas Without Spending Much. Part 1

The world is changing and so is everyone’s style of doing things. I remember going out on a date required a few days of preparation and also a good amount of money in your account.

Well, it still is the same for many people but there is a whole new generation now who have broken the rule of dating only in restaurants with flowers. They are exploring more interesting ways to know each other as well as spending minimal or no money.

There are so many creative ways to enjoy your day with your loved ones. It might be your lover, spouse, kids or your parents. The ideas given below work for everyone but it is very necessary to know the choices of your dates before planning the day or two with them.

There are chances that their preferences differ from yours and they might not enjoy the same ones as you. Like for example rock climbing and deep sea diving are not something everyone enjoys. Like my husband is not a water person, thus hiking is a thing for both of us.

So here is list from which you can save and choose your dates ideas for weekends, holidays or long holidays.

1. Go Biking


If you know to cycle well then this can be an amazing date idea. Try to chalk out a route before hand to avoid traffic if you stay in an urban jungle like me.

We often take the bike outside the town on lesser crowded roads and take regular stops for tea or snacks on the road. It is a popular activity around my area during monsoons as we come across many waterfalls, big and small, on the hilly areas.

2. Go for a paint n wine party

This is a great idea due to its ease of becoming successful. I mean having wine and playing with colours is a beautiful way to spend time together and relaxing.

3. Trekking


For couples who are a adventurous kind or who like to get out of comfort zone, trekking is awesome. Take a small trek if you are just starting out and for experienced ones, a challenging one is the way to go.

Not only the trek, but the whole process of planning, gathering trek stuff and travelling together, all will result in knowing more about each other. Whether you are just starting out as a couple or have been there for some time, this is a cool date idea.

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4. Go Kayaking


Put on your floating jackets and off you go for a calm and serene kayaking trip ; on a kayak of course!!

It definitely requires some arm strength but yet you can enjoy the lake and cool breeze and silence surrounding with your loved one.

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5. Take a long drive

This is my favourite when it has been a chaotic week. Fill up the fuel tank, pack some muffins and fruits and off we go for a long drive. In fact we also have a fixed route which has lakes, farmlands, sunflower field and at the end a beautiful temple to sit and meditate at.

We do this every few days. Try finding a no traffic zone to drive on so you can open the windows and breathe in fresh air.

6. Picnic

Pack up a lunch and off you go for a day out. Carry outdoor games or some music that will build up the mood there.

This is specially great for people with kids as once you leave home then you get some time with kids and spouse without having to worry about house chores.

7. Scavenger Hunt

Arranging for a scavenger hunt is as much fun as much it is while playing. So arrange one for your partner and you have the recipe for entertainment for the whole evening.

8. Cooking

Cook simple recipes

Cooking together and trying out new recipes is great way to connect, be creative with each other. In fact you can start with buying the groceries needed for the recipe ,cook together and have dinner with a glass of wine.

9. Tea Party

Brew your favourite tea, arrange some music and there you go. Best place is to enjoy it next to a window or a terrace if you have one. It can Also be enjoyed with some good classical music or by itself.

Our favourite tea is masala chai with cookies or maska pav(Bread with extra butter).

Enjoy Sago fritters with masala chai.

10. Karaoke

It is an interesting way to spend e with your loved ones whether it is family, friends or partner. Music is loved by most and there is no dearth of songs that celebrates each occasion.

Love songs definitely top the charts and thus an awesome way to pend your date night. With just a little preparation for setting the right mood, you are set for the evening.

11. Game night

Board games, card games are a great way to connect, bond and know each other. It does not have to be a complicated one to start with but a simple one like monopoly or cataran will do.

You can invite a couple or two and arrange a group date.

12. Glamping

Glamping is the way to go if you do not want to take the efforts of setting up a camp all by yourself and cooking on your date night.

A great way to spend time with each other doing activities you enjoy whether it is kayaking in a nearby lake, river crossing, swimming or even stargazing.

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13. Long Walk

Plan a long ‘Walk and Talk’ date if you want an outdoor date and yet don’t want to exert yourself with any activities or visit a restaurant.

Walk in a park or a long walk on a beach is a fun idea.

14. A day at a beach

A day at a beach
A day at a beach

Water is soothing, calming and relaxing. The sound of the waves, the breeze and dipping your legs in the water is most romantic and thus no doubt a wonderful way to spend your day with your loved one

It is calming as well as romantic to go out on a dark night and watch those beautiful clusters of stars.

15. Stargazing

It might be difficult to get to see so many stars in an urban jungle, so club it with your camping trip and voila.

16. Sing songs together

The best part of this activity is you do not need any kind of set up to sing songs like the karaoke. Singing a duet is extremely fun and if you do not know the song by heart there is always lyrics available on phone.

17. Visit an international grocery store

If you are anything like me then this will a routine in your life. It accomplishes dual tasks in one go. Trying out new international recipes will require grocery shopping.

Amazing way to spend time together by going grocery shopping and then trying out the new recipes and finally setting a dinner date at home.

18. Do Yoga

Over indulgence in partying and eating out has given rise to this new date idea. This is an absolutely refreshing new concept of giving love and care to each other.

So, go for a yoga class together or take an Ayurvedic couple massage which will rejuvenate you for the week to come.

19. Watch sunset

Couple watching sunset
Watching sunset In Maldives

Yes you can watch a sunset anytime you want, so why is it included as a date idea. Well in this chaotic world, it gets difficult to get together at that very moment. Thus plan for a date near an ocean or go on a nearby hill to watch the sunset.

I have recently watched sunset from the terrace of my building with my family and it is a peaceful way to bond and connect. The sky is ablaze with its orangish hue and yet you feel calm and serene inside.

20. Visit a fort or a museum

Jadhavgadh fort
Jadhavgadh fort

If you love history or knowing about the way of life of our ancestors then this will be an excellent source of fun for you and your date.

It is amazing to see how centuries old forts are constructed keeping in mind the safety of its people in terms of food, water, shelter and outside attacks.

21. Check out a new cafetaria

Exploring new places is a challenge for some but it is exciting to many. If it is not possible to travel far then try a new cafeteria. Ask for a new flavour of coffee or cookies. Review within yourself about how you like the new place.

Come back if you like it but best if you check out a new place next time.

Make use of this list for your date so as to have a fresh idea each time you decide doing the same redundant stuff. Many of the list items have a creative and mind opening edge to it.

And there is yet more to go not this topic, that I will be discussing in my next post. Look forward to it.

Happy dating!!

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