10 pictures of Maldives, Paradise on Earth.

Crystal clear turquoise water, white foamy waves, sandy beach lined up with fresh green leafy trees- the sight is enough for your heart to dance with excitement. Maldives has these breathtaking views which is difficult to be put in words.

Swimming away in the green jelly like water following the beautiful fishes is a dream come true. The water transparency is such that you can spot a moving mantarey or any other fish from a great distance.

Describing this place in words is no justice to it but the pictures will give you an idea as to what this place has to offer.

Our resort was just 15 minutes away from the capital city Male. We were taken there by a speed boat. So all the pictures in this blog are taken from the single resort we stayed in.

Crystal water
The Ramp leading to the entry and exit point to the island
Aerial view of the sand and water
Eye capturing views
All shades of green
Sunset Catamaran Cruise
White sands and crystal green water

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