Ragada Pattice (Potato Cutlets drowned in White peas gravy)

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Ragada and Pattice

Having grown up in Bombay, eating chaat or snacks in the evenings is a ritual. It is also a way of connecting with your family and friends. I remember going out to have chaat with friends after college hours on the streets of Matunga in Mumbai. That ritual still goes on with my new friends in a completely new area. So basically it is an emotion now.

My favorite street food list is too long but you have to start somewhere. So I decided to start with Ragada pattice. Ragada is hindi for white peas curry and pattice is nothing but mashed potato cutlet. This recipe is simple, very filling and parts of the recipe can be pre made and kept To be assembled later for a huge gathering.

Now, a few Indian snack recipes are also considered as full meal. So I always make Ragada Pattice as an early dinner recipe and my kids love this lip smacking street food at home .

We start by boiling unpeeled potatoes in a pressure cooker or a hot pot. Again we pressure cook the dried white peas with a pinch of turmeric powder , salt and enough water so that a thick gravy is formed.

Peel and Mash the potatoes, add green chilli, salt, turmeric and mix them well. Make round cutlets out of the mixture. I have made slightly bigger ones but you can make smaller ones too.

Chop onions and keep aside.

Potato Pattice

We also require two types of sauces/chutneys to go with the dish. Thus start preparing for them once the cutlets/ pattice are done.

Green Chutney

Grind together green coriander leaves. Green chilies, lemon and salt with the help of little water.

Tamarind chutney

Grind together soaked tamarind, dates, jaggery, cumin seeds and salt.

Start shallow frying the pattice on both sides with a little oil. Fry them till they brown well on both the sides. Arrange them on a plate.

Pour the white peas gravy over the pattice to cover them. Drizzle the chutneys according to your taste. Sprinkle chopped onions and lastly add chaat masala to add that extra zing to the recipe.

Since this is a low calorie version of the recipe I have not added sev and broken puris to top it all up. You can add those too to enhance the flavour.

Pattice and white peas gravy tamarind chutney green chutney and chopped onions

Serves : 5 ppl

Prep Time : 45 mins Sans soaking time

Soaking : 6-7 hours

Ingredients :

For Pattice

12 Medium potatoes

7-8 chilies

2 inches ginger

1/2 tsp turmeric

Salt To taste

For peas curry

2 cups white peas

1/2 tsp Turmeric

Salt to taste

Green chutney

Tamarind chutney

Chopped onions

Oil for shallow frying


Add turmeric and salt to the soaked white peas and pressure cook them.

Mix all the pattice ingredients and form round cutlets out of them. It should make 15 cutlets with the available mixture. Roast them on both the sides till they turn brown by using half a tsp oil each side.

Now place the cutlets in a plate. Pour the peas curry over the cutlets. Drizzle the chutneys, add onions and lastly sprinkle chaat masala.

Devour it.

Ragada pattice drizzled with green and tamarind chutneys/ sauces
Street food of India Ragada Pattice
The Ragada Pattice

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