Sago Fritters

Sago Fritters

It has been raining consistently recently and what better way to enjoy the weather than with some pakoras and Chai. Though onion and potato fritters top my list of favorites, Sago wadas are very close behind. They have a very distinct flavor than the other pakoras as they are are not dipped in a batter but deep fried after binding them with potatoes . The crispiness outside and the softness inside with the crunchiness of peanuts is the perfect sabudana wada….sago fritters.

Indian cuisine has a special place for pakoras and wadas as snacks. They are delicious and perfect for evening chai time. There is a possibility of non fried fritters too to keep it healthy but I will keep it for another post.

If the sago is soaked and cooked properly, they do not absorb too much oil. In fact below the crunchy top layer comes the soft ‘no oil’ texture amazing to taste. It is best eaten when hot from the pan but can be fried and saved for eating later too.

Let’s begin!

Serves: 5 ppl

Prep: 6-7 hours

Cooking: 1 hour


4 cups sago

1 cup crushed peanuts

2 boiled potatoes

6-7 green chilies

salt to taste

oil for deep frying

sago fritters


Soak the sago in water. See that the water level is 1.5 inches the sago level. This is important for it to soak uniformly and become soft.

Grind the green chilies

Add it to the sago along with crushed peanuts, potato and salt.

Mix all the ingredients well. Use hand if necessary but see to it that the they form round balls for deep frying.

Flatten them and keep aside till you have used all the mixture. This step is very important.

Now heat the oil and keep it in between simmer and maximum heat. Do not fry on full heat as sometimes they burst open while frying.

Fry them till they look brown and take them off heat.

Serve them with curd or along with chai and enjoy your day.

sago fritters
sago fritters

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