Green Coconut Chutney

Having grown up eating south Indian food like Idli, dosa, Wadas, Paniyaram and a dozen other snacks and main course, I have a developed this special love for this condiment which is an accompaniment with all of the above recipes.

Every region has their own way of making green coconut chutney, like in the Maharashtra region this chutney consists coconut as the main ingredient of the recipe. But in some parts of south India the main ingredient is chana dal which is roasted and added. Again some like the sour taste of tamarind in it while some add lime juice instead. Thus what I mean to say is that there is no fixed way to make it. There is plenty of room to experiment with this chutney.

I have been making it in a dozen different ways, but the flavor of this green coconut chutney is my most favorite one.

serves: 2 ppl


coconut shavings of half a coconut

2 tbsp chana dal

1 tbsp coriander leaves

4-5 green chilies

1 inch ginger

juice of half lemon

salt to taste

For tempering:

1 tsp Urad dal/ split and skinned black lentils

3/4 tsp mustard seeds

1/4 tsp cumin seeds

5-6 curry leaves

1.5 tbsp oil


Mix all the ingredients and grind them into a smooth paste. Put the paste in a bowl.

Heat oil in a small tempering pan / kadai.

Add lentils, let it splutter, then add mustard seeds, cumin and then curry leaves in that order. temper the chutney with this and mix it well. Check the seasoning . Lastly add the lemon juice.

Consume the chutney immediately to enjoy the fresh flavors. You can also store it in a tight jar for 2 days if you refrigerate it.


You can add two cloves of garlic to enhance the flavor.

Can add 1/2 tsp yogurt to the chutney instead of lime juice.

green coconut chutney
coconut coriander dip

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