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Sojourning to Europe for a vacation is an exciting time for me and my family. The cold mornings and windy breeze in the evenings is the type of weather we enjoy. Well, Croatia can be very cold in winters and when the sun comes out, you need to have all your summer gears in place. It has it’s share of both mountains and forests as well as beaches along the Adriatic coasts. So the mountain regions are colder than the beaches which are warmer. What to pack for a Croatian Trip is a list prepared for those planning to holiday in the country in a season which is neither freezing nor sweltering.

Secluded beach in Croatia
Secluded beach on the way to Dubrovnik

So end of May is when we toured this beautiful country and we are delighted to have done that. This is a great time if you cannot endure the sizzling heat of the Croatian summer. Though, of course, Croatia is thronged by tourists from Europe and other countries alike in summer to enjoy its stunning beaches and water adventure. The beaches are so jammed with tourists and locals alike.


I found Croatian people casually dressed in T shirt and shorts or jeans. Comfort wear is what you should carry along with a sweatshirt for cold evenings. So T-shirts, casual tops, shorts, jeans, a sundress, and an evening wear (if you like to change in evenings). If you plan to visit cathedrals in Croatia be informed that short dresses meet glares from locals. They might even deny you to enter the divine sanctuary. Respect it. Thus carry a long dress to enter the churches and chapels.

View of Dubrovnik
View of Dubrovnik . It turned cloudy suddenly

The rains are unpredictable so a rain proof jacket is a must. Well, I found carrying 3 variety of jackets – a rain proof one, a sweatshirt and a thicker one for colder days, the most appropriate if you don’t want to lose your peace of mind due to changing cli

matic conditions.

Wondering if it will be too much of luggage!! Well you can repeat your casuals but you don’t want to regret getting unwell due to rains and breeze.

If visiting from June to first week of September, you can forget the thicker jacket. It is very warm as the summer sets in. In this case, you can carry a light shawl or a pashmina for windy evenings. But a sweatshirt and a rainproof jacket is a must any time of the year.

Sunscreen/ Sun cap/ Sun glasses.

Taking long walks in the cities without a sunscreen is a strict no no. Even on mild sun days, a good moisturising sunscreen is needed. You can always buy it there but it is better you carry your own brand of sunscreen lotion to be safe.

Island hopping in Croatia is common and an amazing way to enjoy this country. So whether it is bigger ships transporting you to one city from another, or day trips in small boats like kayaks or sail boats, you will need a sunscreen with a high SPF.

You can barely open your eyes in blazing sun, let alone dote on the panorama of changing water colours from dark blue to emerald green to sea green. Sun glasses are essential along with a sun cap.

Trogir, town in Croatia


It was most beneficial to carry one in Croatia as we went island hopping on a sailboat, cycling day trip to Mljet, kayaking to the Blue and green caves, trekking in the Paklenica islands, visiting the Plitvice national park as well as the KRK national Park and touring various castle and forts. Many travellers make it a point to carry it on all the trips yet, it is worth a reminder, to make life easier for you.

Items that went in my backpack are towel, change of clothes for beach, refillable water bottle, energy bars, fruits and vegetarian food, sunscreen, chargers, a rain proof jacket for sudden showers, as well as footwear for pebbly beaches.

I usually travel light with a small luggage bag and a backpack – waterproof one.


Be ready to to walk long distances to get the vibes of the cities, stroll on the cobbled streets, climb forts and fortresses. It is imperative to carry the right kind of shoes so you don’t have to miss out on your excursions because of aching heels or feet. Heels and sandles aren’t the best choice as you will have to walk for hours along with a backpack. So there is a chance of spraining or twisting your feet .

Paklenica National Park, Croatia
Paklenica National park, Croatia

Walking shoes are the best choice.

Anti slippery footwear with rubber soles are best if you plan to visit the Plitvice National Park and the KRK National park. The many lakes there are connected to each other by walkways which are wet and watery and you definitely don’t want to hurt yourself by slipping. You also don’t want to wet your walking shoes as the chances are they won’t dry for days.

The third type of footwear I will recommend are the beach wears which are rubber make and covered from all sides which u can wear and swim in as they are light weight. All the beaches you find in Croatia are so pebbly that it becomes too difficult to walk over the pebbles to reach the water for a swim. Another good reason to have them on you is you find sea urchins in water in almost all beaches. So these footwear will keep you worry free as the bite from the urchin is not a very happy feeling.

I had an awful experience where I hurt my feet while walking over the pebbles to reach the beautiful greenish blue water on Mljet Island. So carry them from home or you might also find them in local beach shops there.

Pebbly Beach
Pebbly beach

Swimming Gear

Croatia beaches along the Adriatic Sea are very famous for its crystalline clear blue water. So a good deal of your time will be on a boat or on beaches. In any case you carry your swimming suit to avoid any disappointments for non availability of rentals.

Swim wear for your beach outings along with a coverup slip on dress to protect you from sun in case you go sailing for the day or spend the day on beach. So you can carry something that can be worn as an evening dress to dinners or parties too. It will save you a lot of luggage space and less items to take care of. No, literally!

Swimming goggles if you are staying in a hotel with a pool with a view.

Your sunscreen cream comes under this list too.

Snorkelling gear if you love doing the activity as you will save your time in searching for rentals.

Water footwear, which we have already spoken about under the footwear section.

A thin towel to dry yourself and which dries quickly.

Food for vegetarians

Croatian restaurants serve a lot of Mediterranean and sea food. It is famous for its delectable sea food. Our guide informed us that people visited from the neighbouring European countries specially for indulging in the fresh water fish varieties.

We would mostly have vegetarian pizza or salad. A few restaurants serve vegetarian pastas but most of them declined. But we found loads of veggies and fruits in the local markets which is also according to me a must visit place just to know the food culture of the country.

We picked up locally made olive oil and cheese to accompany with the breads.

Veggie Pizza At Hvar
Veggie Pizza at Hvar

So I had to visit the local grocery shops to buy salad and bread along with the local sauce for making my salad sandwiches for the day trip. It kept me going between lunch and dinner.

I recommend you to take your favourite homemade or packaged snacks or bitings that will be in your back pack so that you don’t have to starve in between meals till you find a good vegan/ vegetarian restaurant. Now this comes from my experience. You read blogs telling you about so many vegan/vegetarian restaurants but practically locating them and travelling to that part of the city or town is so not possible. It requires you to change your itinerary sometimes. So depending on your likes carrying food is better.

Local market
Local market

It is wiser to carry some amount of food that can stay fresh till the length of your stay. Munching it while strolling around sightseeing is so much fun and satisfying.

These comprise of all , not to forget, items to be carried to Croatia.

Along with this comes your makeup, medicines, band aid box (my leg toe was bleeding due to the pebble walk), camera etc.

Taking care of yourself while travelling is of utmost importance. Sometimes we get carried away by the whole holiday thing but be careful while packing and better to pay attention to details, especially if it is a family travel.

Take care, stay safe and travel eco friendly way!!

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