Photo Essay: Szimpla Ruin Bar, Budapest

The Ruin Bars of Budapest are the most talked about tourist place to visit. I was able to visit the granddaddy of all ruin bars there – The Szimpla Ruin bar. From the moment we entered the place, a feeling of awe engulfed me. I was unable to say much or discuss anything: I was dazzled by the manner in which the bars were done up.

Everything in these bars feels so out of place that it makes you wonder what kind of a wacky mind could think of such a concept. The bars are positively weird, adventurous, trendy, and unique.

The ruin bars are a group of abandoned buildings done up with wacky and unique decor.  The first thought that came to my mind was the successful implementation of the best-out-of-waste concept. The place is a living example of the capability of the human mind to make use of minimalistic resources to achieve something out-of-the-box.

You can enjoy a drink or two along with some really delicious Lebanese food.

There are food and liquor available in the restaurants. In the evenings there are Christmas lights to add to the total vibe – crazy and funky. This part of Budapest is something that is very difficult to explain in words – it is to be seen and experienced – so I went on a clicking spree to capture the essence of this wild and artistic place.

You will find television sets and other electronic devices hanging from the ceiling. You can find a telephone being utilized as a door handle or an old wooden horse as a seat; the decor might have a child’s tricycle or an umbrella. The walls and doors/windows are painted and full of drawings;

The ruin bar totally keeps up to its name. The mirrors, wall graffiti, and misplaced signboards all shout out its name.

So even if you are in Budapest for a short stay, the ruin bars are a must-visit place. The Szimpla ruin bar is the best amongst all and can be reached easily from the St Stephen’s Basilica. It is a great place to visit even during the day if you are not a night animal. My kids were allowed as we visited this place during the daytime and they too had a nice time.