3 Most Beautiful Villages in Austria

Austria is a beautiful country on the whole with its postcard scenic beauty, breathtakingly beautiful mountains and lakes. It’s rich culture and heritage adds icing to the cake. I was lucky to tour this country with my family and all of us just devoured on the charming villages of this nation. Since we wanted to be on our own time schedule, we decided to rent a car and not take the bus which has fixed departure and arrivals timings. This was our best decision taken in Austria, as we had a chance to see the most exquisite villages, spend some time there to create the most awesome memories that would stay with us as a family for a long time.

On our way to Hallstatt, which is hands down the most exotic village I have seen, we came across two more very beautiful villages named Sankt Gilgen and Fuschl am See.

The 3 most beautiful villages in Austria

Fuschl am See

Fuschl am See is located between Salzburg and Bad Ischl at a distance of around 20 km from Salzburg. Since we rented a car, our driver who was a local made it a point to make this stop so that we absorb the beauty of this place and take some pictures of the beautiful emerald Fuschl lake.

Just before we reached the village we took a quick stop to take some pictures of the Red Bull headquarter. The company produces an energy drink that goes by the same name and is popular all over the world. Since the drink company is doing very well in my country I did get some pictures.

We took a walk along the lake which has these beautiful shades of green. The water is so clean and silent that you feel peaceful just being there and the best part is, it is an extremely ‘No crowd’ place which adds to the heart warming experience.

We found a bench facing the lake and sat there gazing the charismatic waters and let the magic of bliss happen.
Fuschl See has many hotels and restaurants if anyone is interested. It is the best place to be for people who love going to ‘not so very crowded tourist place’ but want to wander and devour in pure beauty and serenity. This small 2 hours wait was worth every moment and then we head to our next destination, Sankt Gilgen.

Sankt Gilgen

Sankt Gilgen is a village by the Wolfgangsee in the Austrian state of Salzburg. We took a stop here just before Hallstatt to tour the small village which is known for being the birthplace of the world-renowned composer Mozart’s mother, Anna. This small village has so much to offer, lake, mountains, boat ride, cable car ride and restaurant at the most exotic place a person can have food at.

A small stroll in the village will take you back in the Mozart era, the influence is still there.The waters of the lake invite you to marvel and enjoy the scenic view.

Lake Wolfgangsee has a ferry ride option if you are interested but since we had just done a boat ride at Lake Konigsee a day prior, we opted for a Zwolfenhorn cable car ride that takes us to the mountain which goes by the name Sankt Gilgen.

There are ice cream shops and souvenir shops by the lake. Take a go for the ice cream before getting in the cable car !!

The cable car gives you a breathtaking view of the village and many photograph options.

On reaching the peak of the mountain you feel heavenly, the view is perfect, in Hindi we call ‘jannat'(Heaven).

You will find professional Para Gliders gliding away over this scenic mountain.

There is a restaurant on top which has good food with awesome view. Being a vegetarian we had to repeat the same potato dish twice but we relished it.

You will find professional para gliders trying out their sport here. What better place to try the sport than this with so much scenic beauty to capture while gliding.

Sankt Gilgen surpassed all our expectations and since it was not even in our itinerary, I feel blessed to even to have a chance to be there, to experience the bliss and the happiness. The food that me and my family ate at this place is etched in our minds, the moment shall remain in our family Core memory!! #Inside Out’.


The Hallstatt village can be toured best on foot. The century old houses of the Hallstatt will come alive and it seems they are conversing to you about its rich heritage, culture and life then.

The small pathways, the houses , narrow steps leading to individual houses, the church, all are the core fascination points of this unique Unesco World Heritage village. They give you a peek into the world gone by centuries ago.

The fjord like lake can engage you with its charm and beauty. Hallstatt has one of the oldest salt mines discovered in this world.

Hallstatt Cemetry

One more unique attraction in this picturesque lake village is the Charnel or the bone house. Also the cemetry outside the church is a tourist attraction in this World Heritage Village of Austria and worth a visit.  read more World Heritage Village, Hallstatt

The Trip to Austria would be very incomplete if we would miss out any of the villages as they are the heart and soul of Austrian culture and the life there. Thus anybody planning to visit Austria should try to include these in their itinerary, it will definitely be worth it.

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