How Travel Makes Me a Better person

The word’ Travel’ sends butterflies to my stomach and the excitement continues throughout my travel, whether it is domestic or international, the effect is the same. I just cant get tired of traveling, in fact, the moment I come back I am on my next travel plan. I am just too enthusiastic when I am travelling and very happy and agile. It makes me feel alive and curious and a lot more of my emotions come out depending on the place I am visiting. Sometimes in our daily grind, we seem to forget introspecting ourself, but when travelling we sometimes come face to face with our own character and emotions – confronting them is being in your skin. This is what seems to make me happy, the smile does not fade long after I come home as the memories are so alive to cheer me up time and again.

Exploring yourself

When I came out of my comfort zone to explore the world outside, to know about the people, their culture, lifestyle – the journey within happened cardinally. I started to realise things about myself that I might have missed knowing previously.

Every trip had something new to offer depending on the country and the conglomeration has definitely been enriching for me as a person. I learnt something new from each country and its people- it just happens.

The adventures of SouthAfrica has shown me how an intrepid soul I have always been within. Seeking adventure makes me feel free, more enterprising and more content. How else would I go on to skydive, scuba dive, shark dive or even play with lion cubs – I never miss an activity that will let go my adrenaline rush.


Travel trips are my healers!! They take me into a world which is different from mine, sometimes being amongst strangers is valuable. Listening to their talks, eating their food and knowing about their culture takes off your mind from your daily stress inducing business affairs or any other daily nitty gritty affairs. Some places impact us more than others but the impact is certainly there.

Recently I visited this mountain town called Patnitop in Himachachal Pradesh, India. It is a very small hilly town with sparse population and exotic snow clad mountains which can be visited with guides. The thing about hilly regions is that somehow they slow down my body that is, physical and mental being. Since I live in an urban, extremely fast moving city, these mountains give me time to catch my breath, and absorb the beauty of nature. It fills me with bliss and cheerfulness and puts me in a ‘All Is Well’ mode.

They take away the stress accumulated due to our routine, unavoidable nit bits of life. When I come back home, I am refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take the challenges of life yet again with a clear mind. The zest, the energy is back and even the mundane activities are done with enthusiasm.

Living Minimalistic lifestyle.

Every journey has some story waiting to be told by the locals of the place you are visiting. Their perspective of a good life and success is so interesting and intriguing at the same time. Thus every time there is a new lesson to be learned and it is so much knowledge doing what you love, Travel. One lesson I learned on one of my journeys was having a minimalistic lifestyle.

When we were touring Austria recently, we came across these smaller, very picturesque villages which I wanted to capture in my camera. I went around clicking these small beautiful houses with decorated gardens. I learnt from the chauffeur who drove us here that these village people lived a very simple lifestyle. They earned from the souvenir shops that they run and since the education is taken care of the concept of running the mill for money does not apply here. They are content with this simple, minimalistic lifestyle and you will rarely find anyone who is rude or not courteous in this area.

This was true with the whole country!!

The most humble, happy people I have met is in Austria and Switzerland. They are one of the developed nations but the people have a very simple life. That is what sets them apart from many other nations.

Thus adopting a minimalistic lifestyle has made me a much happier person.

Being one with Nature

Visiting national parks, jungle safaris and small beautiful hamlets puts you in a save the Nature Mode. The beauty of it all and what the world is doing to harm it is what saddens me. Imagine the world without the beautiful greenery around and those beautiful lakes and wild life. The stupendous ice mountains melting away due to global warming just wrenches your heart.

I had the good luck to scuba dive in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Mauritius and thinking about its marine life at a risk of extinction makes me so unhappy. Everyday I read about the Coral life dying due to the heat in the oceans worldwide. Since I had

The importance of protecting the wild life and natural resources becomes a part of you, in fact I have become more aware and try to grow plants at every opportunity I get in the Urban Jungle town where I live. I have planted so many seeds to see them grow and flourish, so have my kids learnt to be gentle with nature. They have learned the same lesson as I have, To care for the Nature to protect it for the generations to come.

Travel is a part of me now and the place might just be a few hours away but it has made a difference in my overall outlook and perception of life and my relationships.

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