The Emerald Lake Konigssee

Konigssee lake

Located in the Bavarian border of Germany is this emerald lake which attracts tourists just for its peaceful, tranquil and serene existence. The Alpine lake has one of the cleanest and deepest water surrounded by stunning mountains and breathtaking view.

How to reach the Konigssee lake

There are buses from Salzburg to Berchtesgaden, which is a German town in the Bavarian Alps on the Austrian border. From Berchtesgaden, again, you take a bus up to the Konigssee Parking. You can walk down to the lake and take a boat ride in the lake to enjoy it to the fullest.

What to expect

The boat ride gives us a chance to view captivating scenery of the surrounding Alps and the lake. When we go deeper we experience magical silence with breathtaking view which touch our inner being. When we reach the middle of the lake the captain of the boat blows a blast on a trumpet, the sound of which echoes a few times in the mountains.

This experience will stay with me forever as I witness the echo for the first time, in this alluring lake. Going ahead we come to the first stop at the St Bartholoma Church which was originally built int he 12th century and remodelled in 16th century. Much of the crowd disembark at this dock, they enjoy photographing the church and the area around. We go further ahead to the last stop or the Salet. I suggest everyone to visit this place as at just 10 minutes walk from the dock and you arrive at a smaller yet beautiful lake called the Obersee. You will find the mesmerizing reflection of the trees and mountains surrounding the lake in the mirror like waters of Obersee. If you are fit for hiking then I suggest you go hiking up to the tall Rothbach waterfall. The way is along the lake and much less populated, thus fun.

Lake Obersee


Between the parking area in Konigsee and the dock where we take the boat ride, we find many shops selling clothes and other souvenirs. What attracts us most is the variety of salt lamps and crystals. Different crystals have different properties, we buy whatever we are attracted to.

Suggestions for this tour

I suggest whoever takes this trip to make it a whole day trip. Or else you will miss out on something or the other. Take the first stop to St Bortholoma and also the second stop at Salet. Both these places are amazingly beautiful, for the more adventurous ones, do not miss the hike along the Obersee up to the waterfall. Also spend some time in the shops of the town as it will give you the overall feel of this place. Please keep in mind the timings of the last boat back to the Konigsee dock as well as the timing of the last bus from Berchtesgaden to Salzburg. If you miss the last bus, do not worry, there are taxi service available but at a higher price.

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